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Imam Bukhari – Life History Biography

Imam Bukhari’s full name is Hazrat Imam Mohammad Bin Ismail Bukhari (R.A).  He is known by many titles like Hafiz ul Hadees and Sayyed ul Muhaddisin.

Life History of Imam Bukhari (R.A)

Imam Bukhari was born in 810 A.D (194 Hijri) in Bukhara. At a very young age he memorized about 70 thousand hadiths. When he got to 16 years of age, he went to Makkah. He had an excellent memory. That is the reason why he is known as Hafiz ul Hadees. Imam Bukhari got knowledge and wisdom from many teachers. Number of his teachers rises to about one thousand. Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal (R.A) is also among the teachers of Imam Bukhari. Imam Muslim (R.A) was a student of Imam Bukhari (R.A).

Imam Bukhari has written many notable Islamic books. His most famous book is his collection of Hadith. Bukhari Shareef is considered as the most authentic book among all books of hadith. It holds top position in Sihah Sitta.

Books of Imam Bukhari (R.A)

Below is a list of books written by Imam Bukhari.

  • Al Jami as Sahih
  • Al Tarikh ul Kabir
  • Al Tarikh ul Oast
  • Kitab ul Dhu’fa
  • Juz Rafa Yadain
  • Kitab ul Hiba
  • Kitab ul Fawaid
  • Al Jami ul Kabir
  • Kitab ul Mabsut

Imam Bukhari (R.A) lived for 62 years and died in 286 Hijri. Place of his death is Khartung (A village in Samarkand).

A complete life history of Hazrat Imam Mohammad Bukhari can be read in the following book.

Halaat e Zindagi Hazrat Imam Mohammad Bin Ismail Bukhari (R.A)

Like many other books over this site, this one is also published by Dawat e Islami. As it a brief life sketch of Bukhari (R.A). So, there are only six pages contained in it.

Life events of Imam Bukhari

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