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Imam Allama Fakhruddin Razi (R.A)

Imam Fakhruddin Razi is very famous in the Muslim world. Reason of fame is that he used philosophy and logic to prove the reality of Islam. Although according to some eminent Ulama, Intuition and belief is the ultimate source of getting religious light. Intellect according to them cannot help to reach the truth. Prominent among those include Imam Ghazali. But anyhow, these beliefs do not affect the intellectual highness of Imam Fakhruddin Razi.

Birth and Early life of Imam Fakhruddin Razi:

Fakhruddin Razi (R.A) was born at the town of “Ray” in 1149 A.D. That is the reason why he was called Razi. That place is almost near to the present day city of Tehran. Religious education of Imam Razi satrted from his childhood.

He was the follower of Shafai religion in Islam. He was also famous for supporting the Islamic Salafi Beliefs.

Literary work of Imam Razi:

The largest and most renowned book of Imam Razi is “Mafatih-al-Ghayb”. It is also known as Tafseer-al-Kabir (The Great Commentary). This is the detailed exegesis of Holy Quran. To prove all the Quranic realities and truths according to the philosophy and logic of his age is the trademark of Imam Razi. No other can match Imam Razi in this respect. His book named “Al-Mohsil” is very famous. It is related to the beliefs.
Fakhruddin Razi (R.A) travelled to Khwarzim. There he gave sermons in Arabic and Persian against the strayed sects of Islam. Imam Razi also came to Sub-continent and gave teaching in troops of Muhammad Ghori.

Imam Fakhruddin Razi

For detailed list of Imam Razi’s Books, visit this link.

As logic (Mantiq) does not help in providing proofs regarding to religious beliefs. So, Allama Iqbal once said. “Jeeta ha Rumi, Hara hai Razi” Anyhow Imam Razi was the Imam of Exegesis and intellect during his age. And he owes his highness in this regard.

Death of Imam Razi:

At later age he chosen residense in “Herat”. He died there in 1209 A.D.

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