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Imam Ghazali – A Great Muslim Thinker

Imam Ghazali – a great Muslim thinker. He is included among the most renowned Muslim scholar. He was a teacher and trainer of morality and spirituality. Even the critics from west are admirers of the broad vision and intellect of Ghazali. His book have been translated in all major European languages.

Birth and Early life of Ghazali

Full name of Imam Ghazali was Muhammad Bin Muhammad Abu Hamid Al Ghazali. He was born at “Tus” in “Kharasan”. Birth year of Imam Ghazali is reported to be 1058 A.D. Imam Ghazali got his education from Tus, Jarjaan and Neshapur. Soon the fame of his knowledge spread to other countries as well. He was appointed as a tutor at Madrasa Nizamiya (Baghdad) by Nizam-ul-Mulk. In Baghdad Imam kept himself busy in education, teaching and spreading knowledge.

Views of Imam Ghazali

After four years he realized that knowledge and wisdom is not enough to reach reality. He was of of the view that spiritual contentment cannot be achieved by it. So, he resigned from his educational institute. He left his family and started living a life full of piety. At that time he got the company of Saints and Sufiah. From that company his belief got ultimate firmness that reaching reality with knowledge only is impossible. Ghazali believed that Intuition is the biggest source to get wisdom and knowledge. After getting that light of reality, Ghazali wrote a book against the philosophers. The name of the book was “Tahafatul Falasafa”. In this book, he refuted the concepts of philosophers related to the problems of Metaphysics. He declared the philosophers strayed. To reach reality, Imam Ghazali visited Makkah, Madina, Damascus, Jerusalem and Iskandria. At last at the request of the King “Malik Shah”, he got appointed as the tutor of a Madrasah at Neshapur.

Imam Ghazali

Literary work of Ghazali

The number of books written by Ghazali is reported to be 69. These include  “Tahafatul Falasafa”, “Maqasid-ul-Falasafa”, “Al-Dartul-Fakhira”, “Kimiya-e-Sa’adat” etc. The most famous and world renowned book of Imam Ghazali is “Ahya-ul-Uloom”. In this book he has discussed different issues relating to Intuition, Morality, Wisdom and spirituality. This book holds a high place in Islamic Literature. Muslims from all over the world get benefit by reading “Ahya-ul-Uloom“.


Short while after appointed as tutor at Neshapur Institute, Ghazali went to “Toos”. He died there in December 1111.

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