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Indo-Pak History MCQs solved papers

Indo-Pak History is an optional subject in competitive examinations. It comes under the name of Indo-Pak History in CSS. In PMS there is a general history paper comprising Indo-PAK history as a portion. Considering CSS, both of the papers contain 40 MCQs. The objective portion or MCQs effect the overall score largely. So, getting good marks in MCQs is a handy tool for success. A huge population of candidates opt this subject in competitive exams.  Indo-Pakistan History along with Islamic history and culture have emerged as popular history subjects.

Content of Indo-Pak History MCQs paper:

The type of MCQs or objectives in Indo-Pak history are most of the times straight forward. Straight in the sense that exact dates are often asked. Sometimes a conceptual multiple choice question is asked. Candidates who study this subject thoroughly fetch good marks in Objective portion also. Those who study superficially may not get ultimate success. The scoring trend of Indo-Pak history is declining with time. Fetching high marks in Indo-Pak history MCQs and paper has become difficult. But still student opt this subject as the second paper covers the course of Pakistan affairs as well.

This post is designed for helping the CSS aspirants in Indo-Pak history MCQs paper. Past papers from twelve years have been compiled. These include CE-2000 to CE-2011. Stay tuned for more latest post regarding solved past papers of Indo-Pak History MCQs.

Indo-PAK history MCQs paper

Get MCQs here

For reading past papers of CE-2014 you can visit this post.

Past Papers with MCQs


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