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Indo-Pak History Books and Notes

Indo-Pak history is complete optional subject in CSS (Central superior services) of 200 marks. In PMS there is an optional subject of History. In this subject the weight-age of Indo-Pak history is of about 50 marks. This post mostly concentrates on the pre war history of India & Pakistan. It encompasses the history after 712 and before 1857. Sindh was conquered by Muhammad Bin Qasim in 712. 1857 is the year of war of Independence fought by residents of Sub continents against the Englishmen.

Indo-Pak History

Notes and books for Indo-Pak history after 1857 can be found in the post of Pakistan Affairs books and notes.

Indo-Pak History Notes

1) Sufism played an important part in spreading Islam in Sub-continents. Different Salasil of Sufism helped in the emergence and solidarity of Islam in the sub-continent. Different epapers and Notes on sufism in India are given below

2) The advent of Islam and Muslims in the Sub-continent started mainly with the conquest of Sindh by Muhammad Bin Qasim. Then Subagtagin and his son Mahmood Ghaznavi got significant conquests in the Subcontinent. Short notes on Muhammad Bin Qasim and Mahmood Ghaznavi are given as under.

3) The proper establishment of Muslim rule in India was done by the rulers of the Delhi Sultanate. They maintained Delhi as their Capital city. Notes on Delhi sources from different sources are given below.

4) Then after the fall of Delhi Sultanate, Mughals ruled the throne of India- Pakistan for more than three hundred years. The reign can be termed as the zenith of Muslim rule in Sub-continent. Notes related to Mughal empire and their administration is given below.

5) Art, Culture and learning really flourished in the Sub-continent during Muslim Rule. Many Books related to history and other topics were written under the patronage of emperors. Following paper enlists the name of these books along with their Authors.

6) List of events in the whole history of Sub-continent in chronological order in given below.

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