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Innovations in Food Packaging pdf Book

Packaging is any material that prevents outside contamination in the product. Food packaging is a term which is used for packaging of food material. Packaging has to be non-toxic. It should be free from hazards and other harmful materials. This will prevent packaging residues to become a part of the food chain. Food packaging can be greatly modified for the well being of humans. It can be molded according to our desires and needs. For examples the concept of edible packaging allows the packaging to be eaten along with the food. Advancements and innovations in food packaging allow a more varied use of the packaging material.

This book is written by Jung Han. He has a vast experience of research in the field of food packaging technology. Food packaging has many features and applications including the maintenance of keeping quality. Innovations in food packaging has been listed and discussed in this book. This book contains some novel concepts of food packaging. These include antimicrobial packaging, intelligent packaging, oxygen scavenging packaging, MAP, active packaging etc. Edible packaging has been reviewed by the author in the separate chapter. Then there are different sources of the edible packaging discussed. Different food product types have been discussed and special packaging for these has been given in the book.

So, Innovations in Food Packaging is a very useful book for future research in the food packaging technology. It can help us to face the challenges in developing innovative foods and then devising packaging for these food items. Reading of the 27 chapters from this book will allow readers to have a good grip over packaging technology for food products.

Innovations in Food Packaging

Edition: 2nd

Author: Jung Han

Innovations in Food Packaging pdf free download

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