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Introduction to Sociology 11th Edition pdf

Sociology is the study of social behavior and society. It includes understanding the behavior of institutions which are crucial to survival of human beings. Like other books on sociology, Introduction to Sociology 11th Edition pdf by Anthony Giddens also explains some basics of sociology. Given below is a list of author who have written books with the name of Introduction to Sociology.

  • Anthony Giddens.
  • Tischler.
  • Abdul Hameed Taga and others.

Introduction to Sociology 11th edition Giddens

Anthony Giddens, Mitchell Duneier, Richard Appelbaum and Deborah Carr are authors of this book. W. W. Norton and Company / Seagull are book puvlishers. 11 editions of the book have come into scene till now.

Introduction to Sociology 11th Edition pdf

Part one of Introduction to Sociology contains basic perspective of sociology. It also illustrates the research methods adopted in the study of sociology. Then several chapters are there that deal with studying the person as an individual part of society. 3rd part then presents social inequalities that prevail in our societies and to which almost every person is subjected.

Social institutions are also explained in depth for the readers. Similarly, institutions of religion, education, family and political system are discussed. Lastly, the phenomenon of social change gets elaboration. It also envisages several social issues of our society.

So, as a whole this book by Giddens is a comprehensive book. It elaborated most of the basic concepts of sociology. For more understanding of Sociology, also read Introduction to Sociology by Tischler.

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