Wednesday , 29 March 2023

Islami Zindagi pdf Book Review

Islami Zindagi in English means Islamic life. It is written by “Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan Naemi”. He is a well renowned Muslim Scholar and his introduction has been given in the post of Book “Ilm-ul-Quran”. Book is published by Maktaba tul Madina. This book is related to the social customs and traditions that are prevalent in our society. The ritual followed after child birth, during marriage and after marriage are discussed from the Islamic point of view. Then the ritual and customs followed by Muslims on Eid, Muharram and Holy Nights are also included in the book. Islami Zindagi actually lists all these traditions for the betterment of Muslims. The wrong and un-Islamic customs prevalent in the society are severely hit by this book. Muslims can model their lives according to the golden principles of Islam by following this book. Islami Zindagi scans for the flaws in our social setup and tries to eliminate the short comings. Book is highly recommended to download and read.

Book Title: Islami Zindagi


Author: Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan NaemiIslami Zindagi pdf download

Size of File 8.5 MB

Format of the file: pdf

Number of pages: 172

Publisher: Maktaba tul Madina (Dawat e Islami)

Source of the book is Dawat e Islami website.


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