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Kanzul Iman Translation of Holy Quran pdf

Kanzul Iman is a very famous Urdu translation of Holy Quran. It is considered as the a very easy and simple Urdu translation of Holy Quran.

About the Author

Kanzul Iman is authored by Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi (R.A). He is also known as Ala Hazrat and Fazil e Barelvi. He was a master of many fields of learning. It is known that Ala Hazrat had grip on 70 different subjects of knowledge. Many literary works are related to Ala Hazrat. His most comprehensive book is composed of 30 volumes. It is known as Fatawa Rizvia. It contains answers of many Masails in religion. The barelvis among Sunni Muslims follow his views and teachings. He is the founder of Barelvi School of thought. Barelvis are the Orthodox Muslims that follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Among all the exegesis of Holy Quran, most of them have been written by Sunni authors.

Kanzul Iman was published in the beginning of twentieth century (1910). Many exegesis of Holy Quran have used Kanzul Iman as translation source. Kanzul Iman has been published in many format online. This post shares a format having individual verses with translations. It makes understanding of every verse (aayat of Holy Quran) really easy. Kanzul Iman full translation in pdf is available for free download. Size of file is about 87 MB with 1357 pages.

Holy Quran was first translated into Urdu by the sons of Shah Waliullah. They were Shah Rafiuddin and Shah Abdul Qadir. Thir father was a well known scholar of Islam during eighteenth century. He translated Holy Quran into Persian language. That was the first Persian translation of Holy Quran. Shah Waliullah lived from 1703 to 1762. He invited Ahmad Shah Abdali to come to Indian Subcontinent.

eBook Title: Kanzul Iman (Holy Quran Urdu Translation)

Author: Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi (R.A)

Kanzul Iman Urdu pdf

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As Kanzul Iman has been included in many Tafasir for Urdu translation. Tafsir of Holy Quran with Kanzul Iman can be read in another post on Bookhut.

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