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Kimiya e Saadat pdf Urdu by Imam Ghazali

Kimiya e Saadat is a famous Islamic book written by Imam Ghazali. Imam Ghazali is a renowned Muslim scholar and thinker. For a life history of Imam Ghazali visit this post.

Imam Ghazali – A Great Muslim Thinker

For a list of books written by Imam Ghazali, visit this post.

Aadab-e-Deen by Imam Ghazali

Review of Kimiya e Saadat

Like other books of Imam Ghazali, Kimaya e Saadat is as another book that helps understanding the reality and myth of religion. But this book is written in simple language and does not contain deep insights. For in depth analysis of a topic, Ahya ul Uloom can be read. Kimiya e Saadat was written by Imam Ghazali in Persian language. As Persian was the general language of his age and area, so it made understanding easier. Kimiya e Saadat is a collection of some basic and very important topics on Islam.

This edition of the eBook contains four main parts containing ten individual topics in each. The Urdu writing and sentence structuring is simple for the understanding of general readers.

There are four basics in Islam that a person must try to understand.

  • To understand himself and to look inside one’s own self.
  • Ma’arfat e Ilahi
  • To understand the reality of this universe.
  • To understand the reality of the life hereafter.

So, topics and beliefs related to these four basics are presented in the book.

Kimiya e Saadat engages the reader’s mind with examples and references from Holy Quran. Similarly, each topic leaves an advice for the reader and clarifies his thoughts on that particular reality. This Urdu version is a must read book for Muslims. It is suitable for readers from every age group. Book is available for free download. It is also known as “Alchemy of Eternal Bliss” in English.

Kimiya e Saadat by Imam Ghazali

Author: Imam Ghazali

There are 705 pages in this Islamic book. Size of the eBook is 21.2 Mega Bytes.

Kimiya e Saadat pdf free urdu download

Kimiya e Saadat

Download Kimiya e Saadat

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