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Kitab-ul-Aqaid Urdu pdf Book

Kitab-ul-Aqaid is written by Mufti Naeem-ud-din Muradabadi. It is an Islamic Book on the topic of beliefs and creed. It states the prominent and basic religious principles of Islam.

About the Author

Mufti Naeem-ud-din Muradabadi was born in 1883 in Muradabad (Uttar Pardesh, India).He is also known as Saadr-ul-Afazil. He memorized the Holy Quran in the age of eight years. He got his early education from his father (Molana Mohi-ud-din). Then he went into the discipleship of Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi. He wrote many books on Islam. Popular books include Ateeb-ul-Bayan, Al-Kalmatul Alya, Sawaneh Karbala and Kitab-ul-Aqaid. He established a Madrasa in Muradabad. Mufti Naeem-ud-din Muradabadi died on 23rd October, 1948.

About the Book

The original name of the book is not available. Book is compiled and published by Dawat-e-Islami. Book consists of only 65 pages. But it contains a lot of religious knowledge. The writing style of the book is easy understandable. Beliefs related to different Islamic concepts are given in this book. Prophet-hood, Miracles, Angels, Death and grave, The world hereafter, Paradise, Hell etc are given. Every topic is written in narrative form and then there is Question answer format section. This makes the topic memorable and easy to understand. Then Kitab-ul-Aqaid also has knowledge related to Ashra Mubashra, Kulafa e Rashdin and Imamat. These issues are believed and followed differently by different sects of Islam. This very book is written according to the jurisprudence of Imam Abu Hanifa. So, the book is written on Hanafi creed. It is to remember that there are 4 major school of thoughts in Islam. These are separated according to the Jurisprudence done by respective Imam. The four school of thoughts are Hanafi, Maliki, Shafai and Hanbali.

Kitab-ul-Aqaid is a very basic and essential book to read by all the Muslims. As a Muslims one must have his/her beliefs and thoughts crystal clear about these Islamic issues. Book is available in pdf ebook format. A small disk size of 1.41 MB covers this portable book.

Book Title: Kitab-ul-Aqaid

Kitab-ul-Aqaid download pdf


Qanoon e Shariat by Moulana Shamsuddin also contains detailed information on Aqaid. It can also be taken and read as a reference.

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