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Water Pollution in Pakistan – Causes and Control

Water is the basic necessity of mankind. Three fourth area of the globe is occupied by water. Water is must for survival. It contributes to many functions in the human body. Water is required for growing and raising crops. Water pollution is one of the main environmental issues in Pakistan. This serious environment issue leads to many deaths in Pakistan daily. In most of the places of Pakistan clean and safe water is now totally converted to polluted water. People of these areas are drinking polluted water due to unavailability of clean water. Drinking of polluted water can cause major health disease. Water borne illnesses are highest in the developing countries. Most of the illnesses are contributed by polluted water.

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Water pollution in Pakistan


Causes of Water Pollution in Pakistan

There are many causes of water pollution Listed below are some very common and important causes of pollution.

Industrial waste-water:

There are many causes of water pollution in Pakistan. One of the major causes of this environmental issue is establishment of industries near residential areas. When the untreated waste water releases from these industries it enter in the environment. Waste-water gets mixed with ground water and many of the effluents of industries fall in the nearby water body then the water become polluted. This polluted water may contain different chemicals that are carcinogenic when intake.

Excess use of pesticides:

Another cause of water pollution in Pakistan is excess use of pesticides in the agricultural fields. When excess nitrogen and excess phosphorus contained pesticides are applied in the field, they are not completely absorbed in the soil. When rain falls, the water that comes from the agricultural fields contained the nitrogen and phosphorus content. After mixing with water bodies and ground water, it cause eutrophication in the water bodies.

Defected sewage system:

Water pollution in Pakistan also caused due to defected sewage system. The old sewage lines are broken and waste water of these sewage lines mixed with water lines of drinking water and render that drinking water polluted.

Animal Waste products:

Animals excreting waste materials in water make it unfit for consumption. Many water borne diseases result from the bacteria and other pathogens which this water carry. So, animal waste product is also a cause of water pollution in Pakistan.

Pollution by Fertilizer Use:

Fertilizers are used on a massive scale to increase the fertility of crops. These fertilizers when washed through floods and rains carry harmful materials with them. Results include destruction of aquatic life and water drinking problems. So, pollution by agriculture is also posing a threat to the environment around us.

Pollution by industries

Control of water pollution in Pakistan

There are many ways to control water pollution. Few of the applicable ways are mentioned here.

Treatment of Sewage Material

The sewage treatment plants should be made working and their efficiency should be increased. Solid waste management authorities and WASA should be made more functional. During rainy season the water pollution appears as a major problem. Drainage system in cities need to be improved on urgent basis.

Refurnishing of Water Pipelines

Water pipelines in most of the areas are old and rusted. Water pipelines are under ground so general public and authorities are usually unaware of their condition. Sewage lines also pass nearby water pipelines. The drinking water sometimes contains residues of sewage material. So, there should be a programmed and systematic up-gradation of Water pipelines in Pakistan.

Treatment of Industrial Waste

Laws and rules does not allow industries to drop their un-treated water directly in rivers and streams. Some industries in populous areas and some others in country sides are excreting out the industry waste in water resources un treated. There should be proper surveillance on these industries. The waste water of industries should be tested by government authorities for their harmful residues. Industries of tanning and textile should be given due attention.

Judicious Use of Agricultural Inputs

Farmers put in all the agricultural inputs to get maximum yield without considering their effects on environment. Pesticides are used un-judiciously. Fertilizer application methods need to be optimized in this regard.

Regular Cleaning of Water ways:

The water ways in Pakistan including Naalas and Canals are stuffed with garbage by the public. The waste material also contains toxic compounds that are hazardous to the health of aquatic life. The water ways at certain places should be covered. In other areas the local authorities should regularly clean the water ways. This will prove helpful in reducing the water pollution in Pakistan.

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