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Marketing an Introduction 13th edition pdf Kotler

Marketing an introduction 13th edition is a great work by two famous authors. Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler are the book authors. Both authors are experts in the field of marketing and management. Marketing Management and Principles of Marketing are other books under the authorship of Philip Kotler. He has also received four major awards in marketing. Philip Kotler is renowned for his research and study on management and marketing.Philip Kotler Marketing an introduction 13th edition

Marketing an Introduction 13th edition

The book under consideration contains four parts. These four parts are further sub-divided in sixteen closely related chapters. First part defines marketing and the process involved in marketing. It introduces the concepts of marketing strategy to the readers.

Marketing an introduction 13th edition pdf download

Similarly, second part contains chapters on an important aspect of marketing. It includes assessing the marketplace and customer value. Giving value to the customer is the prime goal of marketing strategy. As it the customer who ultimately pays for the finished goods. Therefore, building a relationship with customers and giving them value is very crucial. Three chapters in this part fully explain these tactics and strategies to readers.

Third part of Marketing an introduction 13th edition contains nine chapters. These are dealing with different aspects of marketing but are equally important to understand. Retailing, wholesaling and pricing etc are the examples. Such aspects have a great weight-age in the final success of marketing approach. It is therefore necessary to follow a balanced marketing approach. Balanced approach obviously contains careful use of the stated factors.

Final part of this Marketing book contains global perspectives. It shows strategies of how to extend the marketing to global marketplace. It also highlights ethical aspects of marketing. From the point of view of sustainable marketing, the social responsibility holds significance.

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