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Marketing Management 15th Edition pdf Download

Marketing Management 15th edition is a book on marketing. It is also popularly known as Kotler Keller Marketing Management. Before going into the review of Philip Kotler’s Marketing management book, let’s have a look at marketing. Marketing is a process of selling products and services which  enables communication of a new product to the target audience. In every business, marketing holds a key role. So, business administration cannot be done smoothly without marketing. Students get specialization of their degrees in marketing. Many marketing books have been written by authors on the marketing management. This post reviews review and highlights a popular marketing book by Philip Kotler and others.

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Marketing Management 15th Edition.

15th edition of the book is an advance eBook on marketing. It gives insights to the more experienced readers and students. This is a very popular book of Philip Kotler. eBooks has 8 parts and 22 chapters. Book contains the following topics.

  • Understanding Marketing Management.
  • Capturing Marketing Insights.
  • Connecting with Customers.
  • Building Strong Brands.
  • Shaping the Market Offerings.
  • Delivering Value.
  • Communicating Value.
  • Creating Successful Long-term Growth.

Marketing Management 15th Edition Kotler Keller

Marketing management 15th edition urges the reader’s mind to think in depth and to create new ideas. Graphical presentation of the both the marketing books is also excellent. So, marketing management offers deep insight of marketing strategy to its readers. It also highlights the latest tools and techniques of marketing currently in  practice. Appendix and glossary at the end of the book is also helpful for students.

Authors: Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane Keller

Download / Read the book from here.

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