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Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry 5th Edition pdf – Review

Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry – A Clinical Approach. This is a book on biochemistry from medical perspective. 2nd edition published few years ago also got popularity. Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry 5th Edition pdf has two authors Michael Lieberman & Allan D Marks. This article presents a complete review of this medical biochemistry book. For a thorough understanding of concepts, you should also Read:

Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry 5th edition pdf

Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry is a comprehensive book. It contains 49 chapters on different topics of biochemistry along with 8 sections. 4 sections relate to metabolism in human body. Types of metabolisms discussed are Nitrogen, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. Tissue metabolism is also a part of it.

Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry 5th edition pdf free

First section of fuel metabolism highlights metabolic fuels. It concentrates on the biochemical processes occurring on dietary components. Mechanisms of body is various dietary states also get elaboration.

Similarly, Second section is then introductory in nature. There is an introduction to water, buffers, enzymes and other biochemical elements. An important part of the book is the gene expression. This section also includes all the processes involved in synthesis of proteins. There is also a thorough explanation of Translation and transcription processes with diagrams.

Then there comes the medical part of this book. The use of Recombinant DNA technology and molecular biology of cancer in medicine is reviewed. So, medical and biochemistry aspects both go side by side. The generation of energy from food we eat is essential for survival. This complex process is sub-divided in various sub levels. Moreover, Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry gives complete outlook of the generation of ATP.

Furthermore, chapters contain different review questions for students and readers. These questions are very helpful in understanding the chapter themes. They also trigger the mind of the reader and aid in better learning. The last section contains the answers to these review questions. So, this book is quite comprehensive. It also covers the scope of both biochemistry and medicine.

Read more about Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry 5th edition from Google Books.

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