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Mastering the World of Psychology 5th edition pdf

This post features a review of Mastering the World of Psychology 5th edition. The book is written by three authors. Samuel E. Wood, Ellen G. Wood and Denise Boyd. Pearson Education Inc has published 5th edition in 2014. According to the preface, new retrieval practice sections have been added for improved learning. Similarly, the critical thinking questions and try it activities are also the new entries in 5th edition. 

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Mastering the World of Psychology 5th edition Review

Mastering the World of Psychology 5th edition contains fourteen chapters. Like many other textbooks and introductory books on psychology it follows the same pattern of organization. First chapter gives an introduction to psychology as a science and highlights it practical importance. In addition to these, It also covers the history and major schools of thoughts in psychology,

As psychology is the science of behavior and mental process. So, biological organization of body is explained in next chapters. The biology of our sense organs correlates to the sensation and perception. Then we have three most important chapters of consciousness, memory and learning. Learning in particular has greater impact on psychological field.

Mastering the world of psychology 5th edition latest pdf.

The topics of intelligence, language and cognition are very important. So, these are grouped under one head. Motives and emotions are roots of our many routine activities. Separate chapters elaborate these concepts. Chapter 8 and 11 deal with human development and personality development as a whole. A thorough understanding of these concepts is crucial to grasp psychological knowledge.

Mastering the World of Psychology gives comprehensive details of psychological disorders. These disorders have been on rise in the current age and million suffer from them. The treatment and therapy of psychological disorders follows the explanation of these disorders. Social psychology is a sub-division of psychology and studies our behaviors in social settings. Last chapter deals with social psychology.

Overall view about the Book:

So, Mastering the World of Psychology 5th edition is a great book for students of psychology. It also fulfills the needs of general readers. It emphasizes on understanding of reader rather than rhetoric. Likewise, Exercises present in between the topics make it easy to remember the learned concept. Similarly, concept diagrams, illustrations and images add to the learning potential of this book.

Download Mastering the world of psychology 5th edition from Google Books.

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