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Mirza Sahiba Story in Urdu pdf Download

Mirza Sahiba is a romantic story of Punjab. There are 4 popular folk tales in Punjab area. These are Mirza Sahiban, Heer Ranjha, Sassi Punnu and Sohni Mahiwal. All these stories end in a tragedy. These stories portrait intense love. All these stories have become a essential part of our culture. For centuries literature has been published on these characters. These love stories have been dramatized and films have been made on them. Other stories of Heer Ranjha and Sassi Punnu have already been posted on Book Hut. These can be read and downloaded from the following links.

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Mirza Sahiban Story by Hafiz Barkhurdar

These most popular version of Mirza Sahiban is in Punjabi written by Hafiz Barkhurdar Suchyaar. He has published Mirza Sahiban centuries ago in poem. The poetry version is very common in Punjabi culture. Some people have learnt these verses and read them in gathering. Same is the case with Heer written by Waris Shah (R.A). Hafiz Barkhurdar has also written other folk tales but he gained popularity due to Mirza Sahiban.

The time period of this classic story is the reign of Mughal emperor Jehangir. This story is some what different from other folk stories. It was first written in poem by Peelu. Then Hafiz Barkhurdar wrote it and made it eternal. Mian Muhammad Deen Dilawri has written Mirza Sahiban story with the name of “Tohfa tul Fuqara”.

Sahiban belonged to Siyal tribe of Jhang. Heer also belonged to Siyal tribe. Parents of Sahiban arranged her marriage with someone in Chidhar tribe. Sahiban called on Mirza who was at that time residing in Data abad. Mirza was proud of his intrepidity. He took Sahiban along with him and moved towards his home town. Both of them stayed in Jungle to take rest. Family members of Sahiban alongwith Chidhar reached the place and killed both of them. In this story, Sahiban’s role is very important. She had soft feeling for her brothers. She broke 360 arrows of Mirza to save her brothers. Mirza was expert in archery. But without arrows he was unable to defend him. So, the ended in a tragedy. Complete story can be read below. It is written according to the theme and concept of Hafiz and Peelu.

Mirza Sahiban Story Punjabi

Mirza Sahiban Story Punjabi

English version of Mirza Sahiban Story can be read from here.

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