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Mishkat Shareef – Mishkat al Masabih Urdu pdf

Mishkat Shareef is a popular collection of hadith. It is written by Imam Wali uddin Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al-Khatib (R.A). He died in 742 Hijri. It is a hadith book that contains ahadees from Sihah Sitta. So, the authentic six books of hadith are the source of Mishkat Shareef. This book contains thousands of hadiths. Many prominent scholars wrote sharah of Mishkat Shareef. The most popular include Mirkat Al Mafatih.

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Mishkat Shareef – Mishkat Al Masabih

Like many other collections of hadith, this book also contains chapters. Each chapters has collections of hadith regarding a particular topic. Many chapters of the book start with the name of Kitab. These include Kitab ul Zakat, Kitab us Som, Kitab ud Dawaat etc. These chapters have many individual topics.Mishkat Shareef pdf free urdu

The book which is being shared in this post is a translated book. The translation is done by Abdul Hakeem Khan Akhtar Shah Jahanpuri. Hadiths are written in Arabic then followed by Urdu translation. 3 volumes constitute whole of the Mishkat al Masabih. Authenticity of Mishkat Shareef is linked with the source hadith book. All volumes have 6032 hadiths.

Others books of hadith can also be found by exploring Islamic books on Bookhut. All volumes constitute 1616 pages in 193 MB. Download Book. Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3

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