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Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics 20th edition pdf

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics 20th Edition book related to Pediatrics. Pediatrics is that branch of medicine which deals with the medical care of children. Children upto 18 years of age are studied and treated in it. Pediatrics deals significantly with the congenital and infectious diseases. Pediatrics deals with even the prenatal stage of childhood. Infants & newborns are also included in the field of Pediatrics.

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics 20th Edition

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics is written by four professors and one consultant. Many more persons have also contributed in writing this textbook.

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics is lengthy book covering every topic related to children. It comprises of 708 chapters describing every aspect of Pediatrics. eBook also gives compact information about Pediatrics in Introduction. Moreover, readers grasp information about psychological aspects of children including the description of growth and development of children.

Nelson textbook of pediatrics 20th edition pdf download.

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics illustrates the disorders related to behavior, genetics and metabolism. Moreover, there is a highlight of Nutrition of children in it. Similarly, there is an inclusion of diseases occurring due either over usage of food or deficiency of food. Growth of Fetus in pre-natal life described well. The neonatal growth and factors causing diseases in neonates are also among topics of this book. Then we have an overview of adolescent problems and their medications.

Readers get information about Allergic & Rheumatic disorders in children. These Infections are also sometimes due to mycobacteria and fungi. The field of Immunology (defense against diseases) in children thoroughly explained in Textbook of Pediatrics. We also find description of embryology of every system i.e, Cardiovascular, Digestive and Urinary etc. Congenital diseases and their investigation through different modalities written. Readers understand the remedies of diseases in children.

Nelson’s Pediatrics explained Diseases related to five senses. Similarly, there is an enlisting and explanation of Sport diseases in children. Readers get clarity that how to assess the diseases in children. Laboratory tests for diseases in children and the Environmental hazards effecting children are also explained in the text.

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics comprehensively describes the Embryology, Anatomy and Physiology of every single organ in children. So, readers understand basic concepts about behavior development of children easily from this book.

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