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General Knowledge Test – Online GK Quiz

Welcome to the Book Hut General knowledge quiz. This quiz is designed to check the General knowledge level of individuals. The questions are designed so that global GK is asked. The quizzes are not related to any particular location or geographical unit. The test gives you the feature to compare your score with average scores of all other test takers. You can view your score on leader board. Further details of the General knowledge test are given below.

Book Hut General Knowledge Test Quiz

General Knowledge Test

The Book Hut General Knowledge test Online Quiz is designed for students and general test takers. It contains 20 questions about General Knowledge of the World. This General Knowledge test is a step towards spreading knowledge and increasing the knowledge of test takers. It enables users to compare their General Knowledge with other persons globally.

Complete all the questions to have an idea about your general knowledge.

Books related to General Knowledge and mental ability are also available. Aspirants of competitive exams and students can follow the following links to download material related to GK.

Importance of General Knowledge Test

The importance of general knowledge for individual cannot be over exaggerated. Having sound grip over the general knowledge is so useful for a student. he should be aware of all the happenings around the world. Besides the topics taught in books and curriculum, students with good general knowledge usually excel in studies.

With the rise of population competition among individuals is increasing in every field of life. Jobs are not being produced in proportion to increasing population. So, screening of job applicants is usually done. For this purpose several tests are organized. Most of the tests include general knowledge questions in addition to field related material. Quiz given above and related posts mentioned are just a step towards promoting habit of acquiring more of knowledge.

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