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Oxford English Dictionary free Download

Oxford English Dictionary is the most prestigious and comprehensive dictionary of English language. It is also among the earliest published dictionaries. Oxford dictionaries of English have a long history. At present Oxford University press publishes dictionaries for many languages. For example, English to Urdu etc. Oxford Dictionaries do not only provide words and their meanings. They have thesaurus, grammar, directory of Proverbs other related literary services.

Reference of Oxford English dictionary during translation of words is considered as authenticated. New and new words are constantly been added in dictionary. Editions are updated with latest English Usage.

Official Websites for Oxford English Dictionary

  • The official website of Oxford English Dictionary can be accesses here.
  • For a list of Oxford dictionaries in various languages, visit this official website.

There are electronic versions of Oxford English Dictionary also available. These are mostly acquired in Compact Disks and can be stored in computers. There are many alternatives of OED available online. The free dictionary is the most popular website among dictionaries to search for words online. The source of information on their website is the American Heritage dictionary.

Yet there is no comprehensive dictionary that can be compared with the Oxford English Dictionary in terms of description. The third edition OED is on its way which will be a master piece of latest technology.

Oxford English Dictionary

PDF versions of OED are rarely available due to copyright issues. The official websites provide all the information that could be present in hard copy of a dictionary. An old version of 1919 can be studied for reference. It has no notice of copyright. It is being shared in this post. This book will show the historical significance of OED.

Download Oxford English Dictionary in pdf from here.

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