Wednesday , 3 August 2022

SEO Book Urdu free Download

SEO book Urdu pdf

SEO Book Urdu has been compiled and published by Pakistani bloggers. These books in native language make understanding of the SEO concepts really easy. Before reviewing the book there is a brief introduction of SEO. What really SEO is? SEO is the abbreviation of a three word term Search Engine Optimization. SEO process revolves around making the posts of your …

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Water Pollution in Pakistan – Causes and Control

Pollution in Pakistan

Water is the basic necessity of mankind. Three fourth area of the globe is occupied by water. Water is must for survival. It contributes to many functions in the human body. Water is required for growing and raising crops. Water pollution is one of the main environmental issues in Pakistan. This serious environment issue leads to many deaths in Pakistan …

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Dairy Processing Handbook Tetra Pak Download

Dairy Processing Handbook pdf download

Dairy Processing Handbook is an official book by Tetra Pak. It is also Known as the White Book. The name of the book is white due to the fact that it deals with milk products. Also the cover of the book is white in color. The book contains all the essentials of dairy processing in the industries. Dairy Processing HandBook …

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PMS Past Papers 2014 – Compulsory Subjects

PMS Past Papers 2014

An article was posted on Bookhut regarding the advertisement of PMS exams. PMS 2014 was announced back in May, 2014. The PMS papers 2014 are held from 17th November to 2nd December 2014. The exams have been simultaneously arranged in various cities of Punjab, Pakistan. This post shares the PMS Past Papers 2014 . PMS Past Papers 2014 Six compulsory …

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Qasas ul Anbiya Urdu Book Qissa e Anbiya

Qasus ul Anbiya Urdu English

Qasas ul Anbiya stands for the stories of the Prophets. It is an eBook about the messengers of Allah Almighty which He has sent towards mankind. Muslims believe that about 1,24,000 Anbiya (Messengers of Allah) have lived over this earth. Holy Quran contains names of 27 Anbiya. The last messenger of Allah is Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Muslims believe in all …

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