Monday , 3 October 2022

Importance and Properties of Vitamin C

Foods containing Vitamin C

The importance and properties of Vitamin C are discussed in the post. Vit. C is also known as Ascorbic Acid. It is derived from glucose via the uronic acid pathway. Actually there is an enzyme called L- gulonolactone oxidase. The function of this enzyme is to converts gulocolactone to ascorbic acid. Basically this enzyme is absent in human beings which …

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Fish Fermentation Technology pdf

Fish Fermentation Technology pdf free download

Fish Fermentation Technology is a book that provides geographical information on fermentation of fish. Fermentation is the formation of certain alcohols, acids and gases in the presence of micro-organisms. Usually the sugars are converted into simpler products. Fermentation foods have been used by man since pre-historic times. There are different types of fermentation carried out to form different products. This …

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Meal Planning for Diabetes

Meal planning for diabetes pdf

Diabetes mellitus commonly known as Diabetes is a chronic disease. Millions of people in the world suffer from this wide spread disease. According to a global survey 347 million people all over the world suffer from diabetes. This post is written for promoting awareness about meal planning for diabetes. What is Diabetes? Diabetes is condition in which body has an …

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Food Dehydration – A Dictionary & Guide


Food dehydration – A Dictionary & Guide is an eBook that is a guide to dehydration practice. Food Dehydration is the removal of moisture from the food by using different agents like hot air. Removing moisture enhances the shelf life of food. Food dehydration is a primitive practice for preserving foods. Sun drying and food dehydration has been used by …

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Maintain Health with Dietary Fiber

High benefits of dietary fiber

Dietary fiber also referred to as fiber. It is the part of the food that usually remains undigested. This component of food is not digested in stomach and small intestine but is fermented in the colon (large intestine ). According to the recommendations of regulating bodies, a person should eat 20 to 35 gram dietary fiber daily. The intake of …

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