Monday , 3 October 2022

Beverage Industry Microfiltration pdf Book

Beverage Industry Microfiltration pdf download

Beverage is a drink intended for human consumption. Beverage industry now a days is multi billion industry worldwide. Soft drinks, beers, cola beverages and others are widely used. This book¬†Beverage Industry Microfiltration is about the filtration processes are carried out in the beverage industries. During beverage production, lots of ingredients are added. Water is the major ingredient in beverages. Many …

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Food Analysis Book Review

Food Analysis pdf book

Food Analysis by S. Suzanne Nielsen is a comprehensive and well renowned for analysis of food. Like the Food analysis laboratory manual, it also contains detailed protocols. But in this book full theoretical knowledge is also imparted to the readers. Book has six parts containing many chapters. First part deal with the general information. It contains introduction to food analysis, …

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Food Analysis Laboratory Manual pdf Book

Food analysis Laboratory manual ebook

Food Analysis laboratory manual is a must have manual for analysis in a food laboratory. It has detailed experiment methods on commonly used tests in food analysis. It has an introductory chapter on Nutritional labeling using a computer program. Experimental protocols start with background, objective and principle of the method. Then it contains list of supplies, equipment, cautions and hazards. …

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Innovations in Food Packaging pdf Book

Innovations in Food Packaging pdf free download

Packaging is any material that prevents outside contamination in the product. Food packaging is a term which is used for packaging of food material. Packaging has to be non-toxic. It should be free from hazards and other harmful materials. This will prevent packaging residues to become a part of the food chain. Food packaging can be greatly modified for the …

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Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi – History

Sultan Salah-ud-Din Ayubi

By the end of 12th century A.D, some European popes laid the foundation of wars between Christians and the Muslims (Saleebi Jang). Troops of a lot of European Christians were sent to Syria and Palestine. The purpose was to take away Palestine and nearby areas from Muslim control. Also to capture the Bait-ul-Muqadas (Holy Land). In these wars Sultan Salahuddin …

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