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Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry 3rd Edition

What is Dairy Science?

Dairy science is a major division in Food Science and Technology. Dairy Science deals with milk and milk products in detail. Milk is a secretion obtained from the mammary glands of milch animals. It is almost a perfect diet. Milk contains essential carbohydrates, fats and protein. Major portion of milk is water. A lot of advancement has been carried out in the field of dairy technology now a days. For making a variety of new products the understanding of dairy chemistry is a must.

Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry

The book “Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry” contains all basic information about dairy chemistry. It covers chapters of Milk composition. Milk product composition to start with. Lipid composition and properties are discussed. There is a detailed review of proteins in milk. Then certain chemical and physical equilibria in milk are given. Dairy chemistry also deals with the fermentation science. So, fermentation chemistry is also included in this book. Dairy foods are highly nutritive. You will find nutritive value of dairy products in the book “Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry”. Cheese as a highly cherished products involves clotting of milk proteins.

The milk coagulation process is separately discussed here. Then, other important nutrients of milk including fats and carbohydrates are listed. Among carbohydrates, lactose is the member that is present exclusively in milk. Overall, this third edition of “Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry” is handy book to have. Dairy technologists and students of food science and technology will earn a lot of knowledge from this book.

Book Editor: Noble P. Wong

Pages in book: 735

Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry

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