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Plant Pathology by Agrios 5th edition Review

Plant Pathology deals with the identification and treatment of plant diseases. Diseases in plants are caused by many agents, micro-organisms being the most common. Fungal, bacterial and viral diseases cause some notorious diseases to crop plants. Plant pathology holds great importance due to its influence on food security. Keeping in view its significance, a book on Plant pathology has been reviewed here. The book is named Plant Pathology by G.N Agrios 5th edition.

Plant Pathology by G.N Agrios

As the name indicates, book is written by George N. Agrios. The first edition of the book was published in 1969. Since then four more edition have been printed. The 5th edition was published in 2005. It is the most advanced and elaborated one. Plant Pathology by G.N. Agrios is among the most comprehensive books written on this subject. It is widely studied by teachers and students alike. The book is comprised of sixteen chapters and two parts.

The introductory chapter enables the readers to understand the basic concepts of plant pathology. The nature and existence of disease, importance of studying plant disease and losses caused by them are discussed. Historical development in this field of science is also reported. Second chapter of the book presents the knowledge of disease development. The phenomenon and process of parasitism is explained in it.

Next few chapters focus on the pathogens. Topics like the effects they have on plants and the mechanism of their attack are covered. Plants have certain defense mechanisms which enable them to resist against the infection caused by pathogen. These defenses may be structural, biochemical and of other nature. Similarly, many environmental factors affect disease development. These concepts are separately presented and fully explained in Plant Pathology by Agrios 5th edition.

Plant Pathology by Agrios

Second part of the book contains 7 chapters. This part focuses on individual category of pathogens responsible for causing plant diseases. As mentioned earlier these diseases may be caused by bacteria, protozoans, fungi, viruses, parasitic plants etc. Certain nematodes are also responsible for disease development. Individual chapters are devoted to each niche of pathogens. Representative and widespread diseases are discussed along with their life cycles.

Pictorial representation consists of novel pictures and micro-graphs. It makes the topics easy and understandable. The book can be read or downloaded from Google books. The link of a limited preview of Plant Pathology by Agrios is given here.

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