Wednesday , 25 January 2023

Post Harvest Biology and Technology

Post harvest includes operations given to food commodities after these are harvested. The worldwide post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables are ranging between 40 to 50 percent of the produce. If these post harvest losses are reduced we can achieve food security.

Book “Post harvest Biology and Technology of Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers” is another addition in post harvest science and technology. In this book fruits, vegetables and flowers are studied. The theme of the book is the physiology and biology of post harvest in these food commodities. This eBooks helps the readers to understand the basic principles and mechanisms working behind the post harvest. Book is quite technical. Chapters like Ethylene Perception and Gene Expression, Programmed Cell Death during Plant Senescence etc give the hint that it is written for high end and technical readers of this subject. A lot of knowledge and information has been shared by the author in this 21 chapter book. Post harvest Biology and Technology of Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers is free to download in pdf format.

Post harvest Biology and Technology of Fruits, Vegetables & Flowers

Editors: Gopinadhan Paliyath, Dennis P. Murr, Avtar K. Handa and Susan Lurie pdf download



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