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Progress in Food Preservation

Progress in Food Preservation is a latest book related to advanced methodologies preservation and processing of food. This book contains four parts including many chapters.

First part is about the active and atmospheric packaging. It has many topics like Selected Techniques to Decontaminate Minimally Processed Vegetables, Active and Intelligent Packaging of Food, Modified atmospheric packaging and others.

Second part is about the Novel Decontamination Techniques. Topic included under this heading include Biological Materials and Food-Drying Innovations. Atmosphere freeze drying, osmotic dehydration, dehydration of fruits and vegetables. The development in thermal processing of foods is also discussed by the book authors. Use of ozone in food preservation and processing is also discussed in the context of this book. Salting technique for preservation of fish is another addition along with the use of electron beam for other foods.

Third part is about Modelling. Role of predictive microbiology in food processing comes under modelling. Last part in about the Use of Natural Preservatives in food preservation. This section ” Progress in Food Preservation” illustrates the natural agents responsible for promoting the shelf life of food. Some methods used include Bacteriocins and Botanicals as natural preservatives etc. Use of tropical medicinal plants and essential oil extracts is also a natural control method.

Lastly, preservation of plant and animal foods using miscellaneous techniques is provided. Apart from the conventional food preservation methods, progress in food preservation is comprehensive addition showing latest discovered procedure. Food is must for life. In changing environments and globalization, new methods for food preservation have to be explored. Progress in food preservation accomplishes this task efficiently.

For more information about progress in food processing, this post can be read.

Progress in Food Preservation

Editors: Rajeev Bhat, Abd Karim Alias & Gopinadhan Paliyath

Progress in Food Preservation

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