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Psychology Books for CSS / PMS

The post “Psychology Books for CSS / PMS” is written specially for students of competitive examinations. It will fulfill their need of literary stuff related to Psychology books. The post contains two books on psychology written by foreign authors. So, these books are a good combination for those who are studying books of local authors. By local authors the book of Psychology by Mrs. Sheher Bano is meant. It has been reviewed separately in another post.

Introduction to psychology: Psychology is a science of mental functions and behaviors. I has evolved to be of unique importance in the modern world. Mental diseases are increasing day by day. The role of psychology and psychiatrists is increasing in response. Psychology is a multi-disciplinary field. It encompasses many aspects of a human personality.

Psychology Books for CSS / PMS

In Both CSS and PMS exams, psychology subject is considered a scoring one. It contains two papers of 200 marks. A large number of candidates opt psychology every year. Psychology books for CSS and PMS are given as under.

1) Understanding Psychology

Understanding Psychology is a famous book written by Robert Feldmen. It is also recommended for the aspirants of CSS. It will enable the students to study the subject more in depth. It will broaden their thoughts and shall prove helpful in tackling tricky questions. The tenth edition of the book is shared here. It contains about 786 pages contained in 40 MB eBook size.

Psychology Books for CSS PMS


2) Exploring Psychology

This book of psychology known as Exploring Psychology is written by David G. Mayes. Here the ninth edition is presented for sharing. This eBook including the previous one is available over search engines. These can be reached via a single search. Like understanding psychology, exploring psychology is also a comprehensive book. It also covers the topics in detail. CSS and PMS aspirants are advised to read same topic from both the books. It will be helpful in understanding the topic more easily as more info. is available. 836 pages are contained in an eBook file of 49 MB. Psychology CSS books

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