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Textbook of Psychology by Sheher Bano

Psychology by Sheher Bano – A review

Psychology is basically defined as the study of human behavior. Human behavior includes all aspects of human personality. Psychology has been defined differently by different psychologists. In psychology intelligence, emotions, thinking, personality, perception, memory etc are studied. These all contribute and make human psychology. Nature of human behavior is main aspect which influences mental processes of human beings. Time has seen very remarked changes and advances in the field of psychology. Psychologists have added very useful knowledge and information in this field. It is all through research and experimentation. Now we are able to understand human beings in a better way.

A Textbook of Psychology is a book written by Mrs. Sheher Bano. She is a renowned teacher from Pakistan and has authored this popular book. Textbook of psychology by Sheher Bano has been in great demand due to the two basic reasons. This book extensively covers the syllabus of psychology and applied psychology for B.A / B.Sc. Secondly, the book is read by the students of competitive examinations. In both CSS and PMS exams of Pakistan, psychology subject has two papers. These papers make up 200 marks. About 70 to 80 % syllabus of CSS and PMS is covered by Textbook of psychology by Sheher Bano. This post review this well known book. Psychology by Sheher Bano is comprised of two books or parts. Part 1 has thirteen chapters. It presents the basics and introduction of psychology as a field of science. Sensation, perception, motives, emotions, learning etc constitute individual chapters. Other aspects of human personality like thinking, frustration and intelligence also make a part of part 1. The second part (Part 2) of psychology by Sheher Bano has 10 chapters. It includes the topics of applied psychology mostly. Different applications and fields of psychology are explained in this book. These include Psychometrics, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, psychotherapy etc. Last section of this book is dedicated to statistics in psychology application. Statistics has found its place in many fields of learning. Similarly, for the students of applied psychology basic statistics has been included. Many Pakistani authors have written books on psychology. Among them Psychology by Sheher Bano is a quite famous.  For reading books by International authors, visit this post.

Psychology books for CSS and PMS

Psychology by Sheher Bano

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