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Psychology Themes and Variations 9th edition pdf download

Psychology themes and variations 9th edition is a book written by Wayne Weiten. He has done a Ph.D and belongs to University of Nevada. This edition was published in 2013. Psychology themes and variations is a highly demanded book on psychology. Given below a brief review of the book and the topics it covers. An updated 10th edition of the book has also come into scene.

Psychology Themes and Variations 9th edition.

Themes and variations has been compiled into 16 chapters. Like a textbook it has information on all the aspects of general psychology. Themes and variations is comparable to some other books on psychology. These include Understanding Psychology and Exploring Psychology. Both of these books have already been reviewed on this website.

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Introductory chapter of the book is named as evolution of psychology. It obviously explains all the historical development that has been done for making psychology a separate science. It separately puts forward the early history and the modern history. Psychology has many research enterprises, these ventures are discussed in the next chapter.

Psychology Themes and Variations download

Then Psychology themes and variations comes towards the traditional topics. The biological basics of out thinking, memory ans perception is the nervous system. Its detailed profile and functioning has been discussed by the book author. The chapter also includes evolutionary insights on the development of animal brain.

Next seven chapters of the book include all the psychological processes that we carry out in our everyday routine. Sensation, perception and consciousness are among them. They also include the learning, memory, though and intelligence. Emotions are a part of this campaign too. This book deals with the personality and social behavior topics comprehensively. All the approaches and theories of scientists are separately presented. Psychology themes and variations has color portrait and pictures of almost all the notable psychologists.

Like other books on psychology, health psychology is also elaborated. These include stages of development and stress, health and coping etc. In this regard last two chapters of the book are devoted to psychological disorders. One chapter deals with the explanation of these disorders. The other one deals with treatment of the psychological disorders.

Psychology themes and variations has beautiful graphical presentation. These graphics make understanding lot easier. The practice tests at the end of each chapter  enable students to test themselves. Answers of the questions asked are given for reference. In short, Psychology themes and variations can be regarded as complete book of Psychology. Its success and effectiveness can guessed from its popularity and recurring editions.

Download Psychology Themes and Variations 9th Edition here.

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