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Qasas ul Anbiya Urdu Book Qissa e Anbiya

Qasas ul Anbiya stands for the stories of the Prophets. It is an eBook about the messengers of Allah Almighty which He has sent towards mankind. Muslims believe that about 1,24,000 Anbiya (Messengers of Allah) have lived over this earth. Holy Quran contains names of 27 Anbiya. The last messenger of Allah is Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Muslims believe in all Anbiya whereas other religions have their own views. To spread knowledge about the lives and histories of Anbiya is the purpose of sharing this eBook.

About Qasas ul Anbiya

Qasas ul Anbiya contains detailed stories and life events of about all Anbiya e Karam mentioned in Ahadees and Holy Quran. The book has been translated into many languages. The version under consideration is translated into Urdu. Apart from that English and Arabic versions of Qasas ul Anbiya are also available. Al Badaya wa Al Nihaya is considered to be the source of the book. It has been originally attributed to Imam Ibn e Kaseer. Then different editions of the eBook spread in different languages.

Initial true stories are of Creating Noor e Muhammadi by Allah Almighty and different live events of Hazrat Adam (A.S). Then Qasas ul Anbiya progresses by covering life histories of other Anbiya. The setting of the book is chronological. Events are mentioned in date first pattern. Different chapters for popular events have been created in it. Apart from the Messengers of Allah (Anbiya), Angels are also mentioned as Qasas. Many of these Qasas are mentioned with details in Holy Quran as well. Like the Qasas of Hazrat Yousaf (A.S). Qasas ul Anbiya is a comprehensive sort of eBook.

Qasas ul Anbiya Urdu English

Last part of Qasas ul Anbiya is devoted to the Seerat of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Major and important points covering life span of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) are elaborately written. The Ghazwas of Islam are included too. At the end few words about about the dignity of Aima e Arba are also included. There are four Imams which has interpreted Islam and have formed schools of thought. These include Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A), Imam Malik (R.A), Imam Shafaye (R.A),  Imam Ahmad Bin Ahmad (R.A). Get eBook here.

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