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Riyad us Saliheen pdf Hadith Book

Riyad us Saliheen Urdu pdf Download shares an Islamic Book. The book is named Riyad us Saliheen. This is a very popular book in Arabia.

About the Author of Riyad us Saliheen

The book is originally authored by Imam Novi (R.A). Imam Novi also called Al-Novi was born at Novi. Novi is place in Damascus. Year of his birth is 631 Hijri. Imam Novi (R.A) was a very learned Muslim scholar. He has written some very popular books. These include “Tehzib ul Asma ul Lughat” (Sharah of Sahih Muslim), Kitab ul Azkar and Riyad us Saliheen. He died in 676 Hijri. Large number of people offered his funeral prayer.

This version of Riyad us Saliheen is translated into Urdu language by Maulana Shamsuddin.

Review of the Book

The book is actually a collection of Hadith about different topics. Different chapters contain topics on which sayings of the Holy Prophet are compiled. Hadith are taken from all the Hadith books including those in Sihah Sitta. Urdu version of Book Riyad us Saliheen is comprised of two volumes. Both volumes contain hundreds of topics and chapters. The topics are called Baab. There are 372 Baab in total. Riyad us Saliheen is a comprehensive book of Hadith. It contains about 1898 Hadith. So, wisdom and morality can be collected by reading this book. Below are some stats and download link of Riyad us Saliheen. Information is given about both volumes combined.

Book Size: 61.4 MB

Book Format: pdf books in rar file

Pages: 814

Riyad us Saliheen pdf urdu download


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