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Information about Sadaqa Fitr and Zakat

Sadaqa Fitr is an obligation for Muslims that they have to pay before Eid-ul-Fitr. It is kind of sadaqa and zakat whose rate is fixed each year by Ulama. The rate may vary depending upon the market price of wheat. This post is written to share a pamphlet of Dawat e Islami to give information about Sadaqa Fitr and Zakat. Types of Sadaqa is explained in the pamphlet pdf book. The pamphlet is written in English language. Very useful information related to Eid Sadaqa and Eid Namaz is presented. The method of offering Eid Salah (Eid prayer) is also given. Ahkam e Namaz for those who have missed the eid prayer in Jama’at is available too. The pamphlet consists of 4 pages. These pages are available for view in the post below. Download links of the Saqada Fitr pdf book is also available. It is a must read book for Muslims. Four pages make take your 10 to 20 minutes but will give you useful religious knowledge. The formula to calculate Zakat can be seen and understood in this pamphlet eBook. For donation of Zakat to Dawat e Islami for religious cause, contact details are presented at the end of the pdf file.

Sadaqa Fitr and Zakat

Sadqa Fitr AND Salah Method

Page 3

Page 4

Sadaqa Fitr and Zakat information Pamphlet

These 4 pages of 180 KB file size are posted. So, no need for separate pdf links.

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