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Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing

Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing are a major concern for food manufacturers. Fish is a major sea food all around the globe. Fish processing has emerged as a large industry in many parts of the world. Reason include the increasing demand of fish in far flung areas and its perishable nature.

Fish products are a major export commodity of many nations. Like all other foods Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing are also critical. Quality is the ultimate goal of food processing now a days. This book includes the prevalent food safety practices and employs them in the fish industry. Book starts with and Introduction to HACCP in the fisheries industry. Principles and practices of HACCP are illustrated in this chapter. Then, practical application of HACCP approach is given with the example of Thai fisheries industry. Considering fish processing, the concept of fish canning is given. Same HACCP application in this canning industry is also practicable.

Book contains methods for the safety and control of pathogens in fish industry. How can we identify allergens and heavy metals in fish products? How to rapidly detect the sea food toxins? Elimination, epidemiology and detection of fish zoonotic parasites are all given in this very book.  Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing also analyzes the quality aspects of fish food. Modelling and predicting of shelf life in sea food is another advanced practice. This concept is elaborate in this eBook. Some spoilage agents that are responsible for fish spoilage are given due consideration. So,  Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing is a comprehensive collection of data for sea food industry. It may prove useful for technicians working in fish industries and the quality control personnel.

Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing

Editor: H. Allan Bremner

Safety and Quality issues in Fish processing


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