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Sahih Muslim Urdu pdf Download

Sahih Muslim is another Islamic book on hadith. It is authored by Imam Muslim. He is also known as Muslim Ibn al-Hajjaj. Imam Muslim was a famous Muslim scholar. He was born in 821 A.D in Nishapur (Iran). He visited many Islamic countries and also met Imam Bukhari. He wrote many Islamic books. These include Kitab al-Afrad, Kitab al-Musnad al Kabir, Kitab Aulaad us Sahaba etc. His biggest contribution to Islam is the compilation of hadith in Sahih Muslim. In this book he has included thousand of Ahadees.

About 1900 hadiths are common with Sahih Bukhari. These ahadees are considered highly authentic. Being a part of Sihah Sitta, Sahih Muslim holds second position with respect to authenticity. Sahih Muslim also has hundreds of chapters in which relevant hadiths are included.

This post shares an Urdu version of Sahih Muslim. It has 3 volumes of Sahih Muslim. Volume 1 has 2488 hadiths. Volume 2 contains 2003 hadiths. Volume 3 is added with 3066 hadiths. So, Sahih Muslim is the hadith book among Sihah Sitta containing maximum number of hadiths. Some sources state that Muslim Shareef contains 9200 hadiths. But as said earlier hadiths 1900 are same as in Sahih Bukhari.

Sahih Muslim Shareef

Author: Imam Muslim Ibn Al-Hajjaj

Volumes: 3 (5309 combined pages with 46.4 MB Size)

Translation: Urdu

Sahih Muslim pdf urdu

These hadith and other Islamic books are composed and published in pdf format by different Islamic Organizations. The share and download links are searched on web and shared with same links. Due credit is given to the organizations and institutes publishing user friendly and portable Islamic eBooks.

Download Sahih Muslim free.

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