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Sassi Punnu Story by Hashim Shah Punjabi Urdu pdf

Sassi Punnu story is the name of a regional folk lore belonging to area Bhambore of Sindh. Sassi and Punnu are the names of two lovers whose love proved to be immortal. This story has become a part of the culture of this area. It has been demonstrated in literature, art and paintings and popular culture.

Sassi Punnu Story in literature

Sassi Punnu is a very popular tale and has been written in many languages by different writers. Some writers have explained this folk lore in poetry. Whereas, others have written in short stories with characterization. The most popular depiction of Sassi Punnu story is in Punjabi. Hashim Shah the great Punjabi poet wrote this story. Waris Shah immortalized Heer Ranjha in Punjabi poetry. Same is the case with Sassi Punnu by Hashim Shah.

Before Hashim Shah, many other poets have also written Sassi Punnu in poem. These include Hafiz Barkhurdar, Sandardas Aarami, Jatt Parakash and Indar Jeet Munchi. Moreover, every poet has written it in his own style with little bit addition and deletion.

Sassi was a princess of Bhambore and Punnu was a prince of Keecham (Balochistan). Sassi faced many hardships in finding Punnu. Atlast, Sassi lost his life in search of Punnu in deserts. Punnu when reached that place also gave his life away. So, this story is associated with desert area of Pakistan. The whole story is quite lengthy. Unfortunately, full story in Urdu is not yet available in pdf download. Furthermore, only a short story format by Ishtiaq Fatima Uzma is available.

Sassi Punnu story in brief format is as under.

Sassi Punnu story Punjabi 1
Sassi Punnu story in Urdu Punjabi 2

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