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Sheikh Saadi Shirazi (R.A)

Sheikh Saadi Shirazi historySheikh Saadi Sherazi is a great Muslim ethicist and poet of his time. Gulistan and Bostan are very famous books. Where ever Persian is spoken and understood, these books are taught to every child. The characteristic of these books is that the reader gets familiar with Persian literature. At the same time he gets advises from the stories written in the books. These books are written  by Sheikh Saadi.

Birth and Family:

About eight hundred years ago, there lived an educated family in Shiraz (Iran). A child was born in that family in 1184 A.D. He was named as ‘Sharfuddin’. But on his father’s name, he was called ‘Muslihuddin’. Saadi is the pen name of Sheikh Saadi. He chose Saadi because Saad Bin Zangi was the guardian of his family. He was the ruler of Shiraz.

Education of Sheikh Saadi:

Muslihuddin Saadi (R.A) got his early education from Shiraz. Then he went to Baghdad in the search of knowledge. Baghdad was the home of many scholar and intellectuals at that time. Then he performed Hajj. Sheikh Saadi toured many countries.

Life Events of Sheikh Saadi:

Once he was caught by Christians in the desert of Palestine. He was forced to work as a labor and dig a trench. A man from Syria was passing by that place. He recognized Sheikh Saadi and freed him at the cost of 10 Dinar. He took Saadi to his home and married her daughter to him.

Sheikh Saadi was nearby Baghdad at the time of Siege of Baghdad by Halaku Khan. He wrote a poem on this misery and end of Abbasia Kingdom. Ministers of Halaku Khan named Khwaja Shamsuddin and Khwaja Allauddin had great reverence for Sheikh Saadi. Once the son of Halaku was going on journey at Tabraiz. He saw Sheikh Saadi and both the Muslim ministers introduced Saadi to Halaku’s Son. Halaku’s son asked Sheikh Saadi to give him some advises. So, Saadi Sherazi gave such advises to him that he could not stop his tears.

Later age and Death:

At the death of Saad bin Zangi, his son Abu Bakar bin Zangi became the king of Sheraz. At that time, Sheikh Saadi came back to his home town. At the last age, Saadi lived in a separate house outside Shiraz. He got an age of more than hundred years. Sheikh Saadi died in 1292 A.D.

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