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Spice Science and Technology

Spices are natural ingredients that are obtained from herbs and plant sources. These add peculiar taste and flavor to the food. Spices are particularly important in Sub-continent and Asia. Dishes in this areas are rich in spices and flavors.

This post is about the book “Spice Science and Technology”. This books is another addition in the category of food science and technology. Spice Science and Technology is a short size book containing seven chapters. First chapter deals with the basic concepts about spices and herbs. Then a chapter with specifications and qualities of spices is included in the book. Method and style of cooking with the spices is given along with the patterning theory of spice use. Spices have many physiological effects. These are added in the book as well. Spice Science and Technology book studies the spices from different aspects. Spices have many antioxidant and antimicrobial activities. These properties of spices are highlighted in the book. In short Spice Science and Technology deals with flavor, aroma, properties, use and physiology of spices precisely and effectively.

Spice Science and Technology

Authors: Kenji Hirasa & Mitsuo Takemasa


Spice Science and Technology ebook free pdf download


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