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Tabeer ur Roya Khwab ki Tabeer Urdu pdf

Tabeer ur Roya is also known as Khwab Nama kabeer. It is authored by Allama Ibn e Sirin (R.A). This book is considered as one of the most comprehensive treatise on dreams and their interpretation. The expression and explanation of dreams has been made according to religious perspective.

Ibn e Sirin (R.A)

Ibn e Sirin (R.A) is a renowned religious personality of early Islamic era. His named is esteemed for his knowledge about the interpretation of dreams. His grip over this field of learning (Khwab ki tabeer – dream interpretation) can be judged after reading this very book. Allama Suyuti (R.A) has prepared a list of Muslim personalities who were the master of a particular field of knowledge. He has mentioned Muhammad Bin Sirin (R.A) for the skill of dream expression.

Ibn e Sirin (R.A) got his education from notable scholars of Islam. Some of them were Sahaba (R.A) and other were Tabayeen. He had piety as a component of his personality. He also had in depth knowledge of Hadees. Ibn e Sirin (R.A) died in 110 Hijri.

Review of Tabeer ur Roya

Tabeer ur Roya was originally written in Arabic. The book has then been translated in many languages. The book under consideration is the Urdu translation. Tabeer ur Roya contains the religious status of dream interpretation. It is justified according to Hadith. The purpose that this meaningful reading of dreams has also been highlighted.

Hazrat Yousaf (A.S) is considered as the first dream interpreter of the world. Then this knowledge disseminated in humanity. It is necessary that dreams should only be told to those that can correctly interpret it. If such a person is not found then it is better not to share with anyone. The reason is that the meaning of a particular dreams come out to be according the rendered meaning of the first person.

Tabeer ur Roya Khwab ki tabeer nama

A list of famous books written on this topic of dreams has also been given in the book. Then there is also a mention of skills required to interpret the dreams. In short Khwab ki tabeer is not an easy skill to learn. Tabeer ur Roya can be considered as a complete package of knowledge regarding dream expression.

Book can be read online from Google Books here.

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