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Tafheem ul Quran Urdu Tafseer pdf by Maulana Maududi

Tafheem ul Quran is an Urdu explanation of Holy Quran. It is a world renowned exegesis written by Molana Syed Abul Ala Maududi. The author was an Islamic scholar belonging to Pakistan. He is also popular for his role in politics. He was the founder of a religious political party “Jamat e Islami”. The author lived from 1903 – 1979. He has written many books. The famous writings include Parda, Al-jihad Fil-Islam and others. The translation and explanation of Holy Qurans stand out from his other work. Given below are download links and brief review of Tafheem ul Quran.

Tafheem ul Quran Urdu Tafseer:

The word tafheem means understanding. So, Tafheem ul Quran means the understanding of Holy Quran. In the preface of this Tafsir the author has made clarifications regarding the target audience of this text. According to him, the scholars and other learned people are not the target group. Rather the tafsir is written for common people who have only the basic knowledge of Islam. So, Tafheem by Maulana Maududi is easily understandable tafsir in Urdu.

The translation style of Holy Quran’s text is also different. Author has emphasized to use the “Ba Muhawra” translation. This style focuses on translation that conveys the best meaning. It is in contrast to the translation which is word by word. So, both the translation style and writing style of Tafseer is simple and effective. At certain places, there are some points which are contradicted by other notable scholars. But a general reader having the thirst for Islamic knowledge should not go behind the deficiencies.

Tafheem ul Quran is available on web both in read only version but there is also a compilation of pdf files. These are in different files for different volumes. Read the Exgesis online from here:

Tafheem ul Quran Urdu pdf Download.Download Individual chapters of Holy Quran from here.

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