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Tafseer e Jalalain in Urdu Translation pdf Download

Tafseer e Jalalayn is a 15th century commentary on Holy Quran by two great Islamic scholars. Jalaluddin Al-Mahalli an Egyptian scholar wrote half of it. Whereas, the other half was written by his renowned student Jalaluddin Al-Suyuti. Hence, the name “Tafseer e Jalalain” which means “Exegesis by two Jalals”. Both scholars belonged to Shafai school of thought. Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti is the author many other famous Islamic texts. It was originally written in Arabic and then has been translated into many other languages including English, Urdu, Bengali etc. Given below is a brief introduction of Tafseer e Jalalain in Urdu.

Tafseer e Jalalain in Urdu Translation.

Tafsir e Jalalain is a classical commentary having many important features. Firstly, this tafsir maintains brevity of expression. Authors present the ideas and explanations in concise manner. It is usually available in one volume only. Secondly, despite the conciseness it is comprehensive in nature. Thirdly, it is easy to understand and comprehend. The most inspiring feature is that it does not emphasize on rhetoric and embellishments. These essential features add to the popularity of Tafseer e Jalalayn.

Tafseer e Jalalayn in Urdu Translation.

Tafseer e Jalalain has been the primary source of understanding as many other commentaries have cited Tafsir e Jalalayn in their explanation. Tafsir e Jalalayn predominantly belongs to “Tafsir bil Masur” category of Quranic commentaries. This in contrast to “Tafsir Bil Raye” does not involve personal views. Rather it derives understanding from well established sources of Islamic Jurisprudence. Authors also used many other sources of Islamic knowledge in this text. In addition, many critics find elements of Tafsir bil Tafsir in it.

The present post shares Tafseer e Jalalain in Urdu Translation. In addition to Urdu Exegesis it also contains famous Urdu translations of Quranic text. Many authors have also written the Sharah of this Tafsir.

Read Urdu translation of Tafseer e Jalalain from the given link.

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