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Tafsir Ibn Kathir pdf Download Urdu Translation

Tafsir Ibn Kathir pdf is one of the most read exegesis of Holy Quran. Holy Quran is the only book in the world on which so many commentaries have been written. Tafsir Ibn Kaseer was written by Imam Ibn Kathir in Arabic and since then it has been translated into many languages all around the globe. It is equally acceptable to different school of thoughts in Islam. Since then it has been translated into many languages all around the globe.

Introduction to Imam Ibn Kathir

Full name of Imam Ibn Kathir was Hafiz Imad ud Din Abul Fida Ibn Kaseer. He was born in 701 Hijri at Majdal near Basra. He got his early religious education from various renowned teachers of his time. Imam Ibn Kaseer had great knowledge about Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic and history. Many notable scholars have paid tribute to the wisdom of Ibn Kathir.

The author has written a number of Islamic books. These include the following books.

  • Tafseer Al Quran ul Azeem
  • Al Badaya Wa al Nihaya
  • Tabqaat e Shafiya
  • Manaqab e Shafiya
  • Sharah Sahih Bukhari
  • Al Ahkam ul Kabeer
  • Seerat ul Nabwiya (P.B.U.H)

Apart from these, he had also written some other important books on religion.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir pdf Urdu Download

The book shared for download is the Urdu translation of Tafsir Ibn Kathir. It has been translated by Molana Mohammad Juna Garhi. The book has been published by Maktaba Quddusia. This tafseer is unique of its type. It contains beautiful presentation of hadith and historical references. Moreover, detail of topics included in individual chapters are available at the start as a list. This style is also visible in Zia ul Quran by Pir Karam Shah Al Azhari.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Tafsir Ibn Kathir is available over internet in various versions. Its abridged edition is also available. Some editions have 10 volumes while others contain exegesis of separate Quranic para. Download complete Tafseer Ibn Kaseer in single file from here.

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