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The Science of Nutrition 4th edition pdf download

The science of nutrition is a concise handbook of nutrition. Kara Rogers is the book editor. First edition of the book was published by Britannica Educational Publishing in 2013. The science of nutrition 4th edition falls in the category of basic and introductory texts on nutrition. It focuses on readers having little or no knowledge of nutritional sciences. The book contains plain encyclopedic knowledge and avoids complex scientific discussions.

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The Science of Nutrition 4th Edition

The science of nutrition is a handbook of nearly two and a half hundred pages. There is a division of contents into 9 chapters. Almost all chapters are basic and provide firsthand information. A brief introduction to these chapters is as under.

The Science of Nutrition 3rd Edition pdf.

Chapter 1 gives an introduction about the food and human body. It focuses on some basic concepts in diet and nutrition studies. These include understanding BMR, BMI and calories etc. Then there are the dietary guidelines and some established diet references. The science of nutrition also introduces the reader with Nutrition throughout the life-cycle.

The next two chapters of the book focus on nutrients. An overview of all the nutrients is in chapter 2. Whereas, chapter 3 explains vitamins in detail. Understanding to food groups is also very much important. The science of nutrition eBook gives an easily understandable depiction of food groups. Two chapters of the book are about the nutritional deficiencies. In this regard brief introduction of many mineral and other nutrient deficiencies is also available.

Chapter 7 and 8 are very much important in the context of this book. These chapters provide basic insight on the role of our diet in producing chronic diseases. Most of the present day diseases are linked to our nutritional patterns. So, there is a focus on GI diseases, cancers and diabetes etc. So, the nutrition of science is a must have book for non-professional readers. It gives them basic understanding of what nutrition is and how it affects our lives.

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