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Tirmizi Shareef Hadith Collection Urdu Download

Tirmizi Shareef (Jami al-Tirmizi / Jami al-Tirmidhi) is a well renowned Islamic book of Hadees. It is written by Imam Al-Tirmidhi (R.A). Imam Tirmidhi was born in 824 A.D. City of his birth is Termez (Persia). He used nine different terms in classifying Hadith. In last two years of his life, he got blind due to weeping over the death of Imam Bukhari. He died in 892 A.D. His notable work is Tirmazi Shareef.

Tirmazi Shareef is also included in Sihah Sitta. Its authenticity is regarded at fourth or fifth place. About 4000 hadith are included in Tirmizi Shareef. Like other books of hadith, there is categorization of hadith under different topics.

Tirmizi shareef is unique in the sense that author quotes his views about the authenticity of ahadees in the book. Some scholar have placed Sunan al-Tirmidhi as third most authentic hadees book. The present version of Jami al-Tirmidhi is translated into Urdu language and font. Two volumes make up the whole of Tirmizi Shareef. Volume 1 has about 2207 ahadees. Volume 2 contains 1948 ahadees. pdf versions of both volumes are shared for free download.

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Jami al-Tirmizi Shareef

Author: Imam al-Tirmidhi

No. of Volumes: 2

Page Count: 3936

eBook Size: 32 MB

Format: pdf files in rar archive

Tirmizi Shareef urdu pdf

Source is here

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