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Unit Operations in Food Processing

Unit operations in food processing R.L Earle. This eBook has been published in a separate web edition. Hence this book is available over internet and readers can freely read it. Before reviewing unit operations in food processing, let us see what are the unit operations.

Unit operations are individual operations, processes and steps that are carried out in food production. In a food processing industry many unit operations are involved. They all contribute towards the development of final product. Examples of unit operations include size reduction, crystallization and drying etc. Study of unit operations in food processing enables optimization of product flow. The unit operations have been broadly classified into five classes. The class of heat transfer may include condensation and evaporation processes.

Many detailed books have written on the topic of units operations in food industries. These include books like Units operations in food processing, Unit operations and processing of foods and this very book.

Unit operations in Food processing

Review of Unit operations in Food Processing

The book starts with an introduction to the field of science named process engineering. The introduction is mostly from physics point of view. Mass energy relationships along with units and dimensions are given. There are unit operations in which energy balances are involved. These may be electrical, mechanical or heat energy balances. Unit operations in food processing includes the basic principles behind these energy balances. Examples and equations are provided in the book to make the concept clearer. Foods also contain liquid materials. So, concept of fluids have also to be presented efficiently. The laws of physics related to fluid motion make a chapter of the book Units operations in food processing.

A large section of the book has been dedicated to the study of heat. Heat processes have important role in food processing. They are required for different treatments to the food. So, many chapters of Unit operations in food processing discuss these heat transformations. Mechanical aspects need not to be forgot in a food industry. The unit operations of size reductions are considered as a base for further operations. Food materials are first converted into simpler and finer fractions before processing. It increases the surface area of food and provides certain other advantages. Mechanical separations, mixing and size reduction are elaborated with details in the book.

Unit operations in food processing is a book written from engineering perspective. Process engineering and modelling is explained in the context of the book. Mathematical equations, examples and solved problems explain the physics involved in unit operations. Students and researchers should read this book. Unit operations in food processing shall prove useful in the detailed understanding of this topic.

eBook can be obtained from here.

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