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Urdu Dictionary Feroz ul Lughat pdf free Download

Urdu evolved as a language in Indo Pak Subcontinent during Muslim rule. It is the national language of Pakistan. A large number of people in India also speak Urdu. Urdu has absorbed words from different languages. It is said that there are about 3 parts of Punjabi in Urdu out of 4. Similarly, it is also said that Punjabi language contains 3 parts of Urdu out of 4 parts. Pure Urdu terms are quite difficult to understand now a days. Reason behind it is decreased usage of pure Urdu with time.

Moulvi Abdul Haq spent final years of his life in formulation of an Urdu dictionary. He is known as the Father of Urdu. He could not live long enough to complete the task. Since then many Urdu dictionaries have been compiled. They vary in their size and comprehensiveness. Amongst them the dictionary named Feroz ul Lughat is a very comprehensive Urdu dictionary. This Urdu dictionary is published by Ferozsons. The dictionary translates Urdu words in Urdu. Other dictionaries that are trans language have also been published in this regard.

Feroz ul Lughat Urdu Dictionary

This version of Feroz ul Lughat is a single file download version. It is named Feroz ul Lughat Jamai (comprehensive). The file size of this Urdu dicctionary is 390 MB (approx.).

Feroz ul Lughat Urdu dictionary PDF

Urdu to urdu dictionary pdf free download can be found from here.

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