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Ushr kay Ahkam pdf Urdu Book

Ushr is a form of Zakat that is compulsory for a Muslim to a pay if he has some agricultural produce. It is the Zakat of agricultural land. For farmers, it is obligatory to give twentieth or tenth part of the produce. There are many conditions and clauses of Ushr. Ushr rate is different for irrigated and rainfed agricultural land. The book Ushr kay Ahkam elaborates all the questions that arise in the mind of a farmer. This is a short book in Urdu language and answers many important questions. Common points clarified in Ushr kay Ahkam include:

  • What is Ushr?Ushr kay Ahkam
  • Benefits and Fazail of paying Ushr.
  • How Ushr is paid on a shared land?
  • Is Ushr only mandatory after passage of one year?
  • Ushr for rented lands.
  • Ushr for honey production.
  • Ushr in case where produce is wasted.
  • Ushr on a land where the plantation is not done.

These and many other important Islamic points are clarified in the book Ushr kay Ahkam. This book is very useful for agricultural community of Muslims. Particularly in Pakistan, two third of the population lives in villages. 70 percent of the population is attached with the agricultural occupation directly or indirectly. In such a scenario books like Ushr kay Ahkam etc are a gift. It has a size of 1.38 Megabytes with 48 pages.

Ushr kay Ahkam (Zameen ki Zakat ke Masail)

Find pdf here

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