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Yogurt Science and Technology

Yogurt Science and Technology Third Edition

Yogurt is a wholesome and nutritious food. It is a dairy product. It contains a lot of health benefits. Yogurt is manufactured by the bacterial fermentation of milk. Most commonly the bacteria include Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. These bacteria have probiotic properties. They maintain the gastrointestinal health of individuals. This book named “Yogurt Science and Technology” covers whole of the yogurt science. It starts from the history of yogurt making to the present day yogurt manufacturing plants. Traditional and recent developments in yogurt production and related products is also discussed in the book. Similarly Microbiology of yogurt and related starter cultures is also given.

The basic phenomenon of fermentation works behind yogurt making. Yogurt Science and Technology elaborates the whole process of fermentation in detail. Then the Preservation and production of starter cultures is also included in the context of this book. Moving forward the detailed nutritional value of products is area of attraction for nutritionists. The Quality control personals may find a chapter on Quality control in yogurt manufacture. In short, “Yogurt Science and Technology”is a must have book for dairy technologists. Especially those working in the production of yogurt and related products.

Authors / Editors: A. Y. Tamime and R. K. Robinson

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