Sunday , 26 March 2023

Aqwal e Auliya Urdu Download – Sayings of Saints

Aqwal e Auliya

Aqwal e Auliya is an Islamic book on mysticism. Auliya is the plural of Wali. Wali means the friend of Allah. Wali is a person who has molded his life according to guidelines given in Islam. Aqwal e Auliya is actually a collection of Aqwal (Sayings) of the great saints, mystics, scholars and prominent personalities of Islam. The book is authored …

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Food Emulsions Fourth Revised Edition

Food Emulsions book

Food emulsions are common in many food systems. Stability of many complex foods depends upon the emulsion formation. Butter, milk, mayonnaise etc are the examples. These contains either water in oil or oil in water food emulsions. Emulsions are made by the help of emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are the substances that keep water and oil ends of the foods together. It …

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Applied Dairy Microbiology pdf Download

Applied Dairy Microbiology free download

Applied Dairy microbiology is a very useful microbiology book. It has been edited by Elmer H. Marth & James L. Steele. Dairy and milk products are used in larger quantities world wide. These dairy products contain a wide array of micro-organisms. These micro-organisms also play a key role in the fermented dairy products as well. Review of Applied Dairy Microbiology First …

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Encapsulated and Powdered Foods

Encapsulated and Powdered Foods pdf

Encapsulated and Powdered Foods eBook is all about powdered food. It is edited by Charles Onwulata. eBook is divided into five main parts. All parts are written to cover various aspects of powdered food. Food powder properties are packed with its role in food and also the mixtures that it forms. Both physical and chemical properties are addressed. Major part …

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Food Science Books – Introductory

food science by potter

Food Science Books free download is a post about review and share of introductory food science books. Many eBooks have been reviewed in the category of food science and technology. Food Science Books 1) The first book is named “food science”. The book is written by Indian authors. It is not a technical book. Rather it explains the basic term …

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